Ms. Magee is the new art teacher, and she is excited to be here! She is teaching Kindergarten through 8th grade. She finds it exciting to get to know the students and watch them grow in their art explorations!


KINDERGARTEN - Learning how to use scissors and glue!

Kindergarten frogs had the first projects to be displayed in the art case this year! Miss Laura Pitts, one of the Crestwood Kindergarten teachers, said her students were so excited to see their art in the hall for all to see. We are so proud of them!


Art Club is already involved! They are working on the Holiday in the Park mural for this winter to be seen by the public. They are also getting ready for a Walk Through History, September 22nd with the 4th graders in the surrounding area schools. The art club will help instruct the 4th graders on a tin punch project.


A Walk through History

Mid-September marks the time for the Honey Bee Festival. Our Art Club volunteered to be a part of the Edgar County Historical Society’s “A Walk Through History”. They were the Crestwood Crafters! The eighth grade art club helped the Crestwood, Paris Community, and surrounding schools enjoy creating a tin punch craft. The Crestwood 4th grade joined us in the afternoon. The students worked hard, but had a lot of fun!



Musical Sets and Other Activities!


Art Club created the set for the 2nd and 3rd Grade musical, Pirates! Arrgh have to say it was amazing!


Wizard of Oz

Art Club works diligently on the set for the Juniour High Musical


Tarble Arts Center

Eastern Illinois University

Charleston, IL 61920


Krannert Art Center

University of Illinois

Champaign, IL 61801


City Art Museum

St. Louis, MO


Allerton Park

University of Illinois

Monticello, IL 61856




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