In our classroom we have a clip chart. Every morning the child starts out on Ready to Learn. Children that show excellent behavior may clip up to Good Choices, Great Choices, or Outstanding. Children that break a rule will clip down to Think About It. If they show improved behavior, they may clip back up. If they make another bad choice, they will clip down to Teacherís Choice (which could mean removal of the child from the situation, loss of center time,† or 5 minutes loss of recess. If they continue to not follow the rules, they will clip down to Parent Choice. At this time they will miss recess and the parent will be contacted.

In addition to our clip chart, we will be using a school wide discipline referral form. If your child continually breaks Eagle Expectations they will be issued a Discipline Referral form. Copies of these can be found below. These forms will be handed into our guidance department so behaviors can be tracked throughout their time here at Crestwood.


If your child does receive a minor or major referral you must sign the referral and return the following day. The consequences are as follows:


1st Minor: ††††† 10 minute loss of recess and write the Eagle Expectations

2nd Minor:††††† Silent Lunch

1st Major: ††††† Loss of all recess

2nd Major: Loss of recess all week

3rd Major: Loss of celebration (party, picnic day, field trip, etc.)

4th Major:†††††† Individualized discipline plan to be determined by the teacher

**Mr. Lynch may have a meeting with your child if a minor or major referral is given.

*Each quarter, there is a NO DR (Disciplinary Referral) celebration. If your child does not receive ANY DRís, they will be able to participate in the celebration. Any DR will result in your child missing out on the celebration.


If a child habitually does not turn in completed homework, disciplinary actions will be taken. A Minor DR will be given to your child if he/she does not complete 5 homework assignments in a quarter. Their grade will also be impacted.

*Students who do not receive any discipline referrals in a quarter will attend a celebration at the end of each quarter.