Crestwood’s Grading Scale

93-100       A

85-92         B

78-84        C

70-77         D

0-69           F


Your child’s grades will be derived from various sources. Teachers will collect grades from the following sources each quarter: tests, class assignments, homework, special projects, and class participation. All grads are returned to students in a timely manner. Make a plan with your child so that you can follow their progress and work. Many times graded work is thrown away before it reaches home.  Teachers send home a mid-term report and quarterly reports for your child so that you will know how they are doing during the specific grading period.


Only students with D’s or F’s on their tests will be sent home for a parent or guardian signature. These items are to be returned and collected within two days. If the assignment or test is not signed and returned in that amount of time the student will be expected to spend time in study hall instead of recess until the item is returned.  In some cases students may receive a Minor Discipline Referral for not getting items returned to school.